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Trolling Tour

Trolling begins as soon as we are out in the sea. With this type of fishing, we will aim to catch the bigger fish like mackerel, barracuda, yellow fin tuna, caranginae, and mahi mahi.
Anyone can easily enjoy hit and fight with this type of fishing! And the feeling you get when you catch something is absolutely exhilarating! Ever now and then, we even catch the great “spearfish (blue) marlin”!
Enjoy this different style fishing! First of all, lets challenge and try!



Authentic fishing aiming to catch bigger fish

Trolling begins as soon as we are out in the sea!
Sometimes even catch big fish like spearfish marlin! Challenge and enjoy fishing in this open water!

Trolling Tour

  • Adult$600.00~$1200.00$570.00~$1140.00WEB price
  • Child--WEB price

Children: up to 3 years old - 11 years old


  • 8:45

    Depart the hotel (Pickup time)

    Time may differ depending on the hotel

  • 9:00

    Depart the dock

    Cruise through the rock island
    *We will be travelling by a boat for every tour.

  • 10:30

    Arrive at the fishing spot and start fishing!

    Lets enjoy this authentic fishing and aim to catch high quality fish!

  • 12:00


    Lunch on the boat, and continue fishing

  • 16:30

    Arrive at the dock

    Return to your hotels

  • 16:45

    Arrive at the hotel

    Welcome back!
    Please rest well, and hope to see you soon!

package detail


The guide and the boat operator will take you to the best location depending on the day’s weather and sea condition.


About 8 hours


1 adult ~ (max 5 people)

Pick up

Hotel return trip


every day

Want to bring

*Phishing permit or Rock island permit or the Jellyfish Lake permit (If you have not purchased one of them, then there will be an extra fee for the permit)
*Swimsuit, clothing that can get wet, footwear (T-shirt/ sandals)
(There will be no changing rooms available, so please change before pickup time)
*Change of clothes, jackets are recommended since it might get cold on the boat
*Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, beach towel, etc.
(If you bring your camera, you can take pictures of beautiful sceneries and variety of fish during the tour)


*Pick up from and drop off to your hotel
*Lunch (changes daily)
*Soft drinks, water
*Fishing tool set


―$600.00-(3 years of age and above, up to 3 people)
―$650.00-(3 years of age and above, up to 4 people)
―$700.00-(3 years of age and above, up to 5 people)
*We will have lunch on the boat.
*Flow of the tour (time and schedule) is just a rough estimate
(Depending on the sea and weather condition of each day, we may change the schedule putting safety first for everybody)
*The boat ride may be rough if the ocean is rough that day.
*Please consult with us if you are traveling with an elderly, children, pregnant woman, and/or guest with disabilities.
*Please refrain from water activity after drinking alcohol. This is strictly prohibited.



*If you have not purchased any permits, please purchase one of the following:
1. “Rock Island Permit” $50/person (6 years of age and above/ valid for 10 days)
2. “Jellyfish Lake Permit” $100/person (6 years of age and above/ valid for 10 days)
3. “Fishing Permit” $20/person(13 years of age and above/ vailid for 1 monthe)
(Permit fee is not included in the tour fee)
(If you plan on visiting the Jellyfish Lake during you stay in Palau, please purchase 2.)

About Payments:

*US dollars, travelers check, credit card (VISA/MASTER/JCB/DINERS)
(We do not accept credit card payment for either of the permits. Please prepare in cash or travelers check.)

Meeting Place:

*Please meet at the hotels tour desk at lease 5 minutes in advance. (Customers staying at Palau Royal Resort, please go to the Blue Marlin shop)
*Hotels with no tour desk, please meet at the reception by the lobby.
*Pick-up time is an estimate (time may differ depending on the hotel)
(There may be delays depending on the road conditions and events of that day)


*Contents of the descriptions may change without prior notice.
*If it’s a slight rain, or weather expected to clear up, we will continue the tour.
*The tour context may change due to weather and sea condition.
*We may cancel the tour on the day of due to bad weather.
*The UV in Palau is known to be 7 times stronger than in Japan so please come prepared with sunscreen.
*Please pay the tour fee on the day of.
*If you need a permit, please purchase them separately from the tour fee, using either cash or travelers check only.
*Please avoid bringing valuables, such as money (aside from tour fee) and passport to the tour.

For cancelation:

*Cancelation after 5 o’clock in the evening of the day before the tour: 50% of the tour fee
*Cancelation on the day of the tour or without any contact: 100% of the tour fee
*If you have already purchased some permits for this tour, we will not be responsible for the refund.

Tour Info

Trolling Tour

Duration:About 8 hours
  • Adult$570.00~$1140.00WEB PRICE
  • Child-WEB PRICE
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