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Ngarchelong Tour

The tour will start from October 6, 2016 (Thursday)!
Lets head over to the very north side of Palau’s largest island, Babeldaob! 
One of the nature-reserved area, Ebiil Channel, is now open for tours! Please enjoy snorkeling with all the fish swimming around the untouched corals. In this tour, we can enjoy the private and quiet feeling at the biggest long beach in Palau.



Plenty of snorkeling opportunities

Enjoy this place in Palau where not many tourists have visited, and experience the sensational feeling of ocean bed walking. 

Recommended for anyone who loves to snorkel.
But of course also recommended for those who are beginners.
Put on your mask and peak into the ocean, and you can be sure to enjoy the view that expands right in front of you.


Enjoy the color gradient of the ocean on a sunny day.

Enjoy the change of color depending on the depth of the water.
With the sunlight, we can also enjoy unimaginable numbers of different colors on the water.
If you bring polarized sunglasses, it can enhance the color difference in a whole new level.


Enjoy the beauty of corals

Because Ebiil Channel opened up for tours recently, most of the corals are still untouched. 
The untouched corals in the seabed with the variety of colorful fish swimming around them create a painting-like image.

Ngarchelong Tour

  • Adult$137.00WEB price
  • Child$71.00WEB price

Children: up to 3 years old - 11 years old


  • 8:15

    Depart the hotel (Pickup time)

    Time may differ depending on the hotel
    We will be making few stops around Koror to pick up all the guests

  • 8:45

    Leave Koror to head over to the office by the Okotor dock

    Ngarchelong State up north of Babeldaob.
    The ride will be approximately an hour long, so please enjoy the beautiful sceneries on the way.

  • 9:45

    Arrive at the office

    We will get off the car and get on a boat.

  • 10:10

    Head to the Snorkel point.

    Transfer to a boat and head over to the first snorkeling point.

  • 10:30

    Listen to the guide’s explanation, and start snorkeling.

    Please enjoy snorkeling in this beautiful ocean.
    We will head over to around 2 different snorkeling points.

  • 12:00


    Enjoy your lunch!

  • 13:20

    Another snorkeling point!

    Take some time to appreciate another beautiful ocean world

  • 14:00

    Arrive at the office

    We have a shower room (cold water only) and a changing room, so please bring some change of clothes.
    We will be asking for your payments here.

  • 14:00

    Leave the office

    Car and head back to Koror

  • 16:00

    Arrive at the hotel

    Welcome back!
    Please rest well, and hope to see you soon!

package detail


Northern end of Babeldaobu Island (Galaron State)


About 8 hours


2 adults ~

Pick up

Hotel return trip


Four times a week
(Monday – Wednesday – Friday – Sunday)

Want to bring

*Swimsuit, clothing that can get wet, footwear (T-shirt/ sandals)
(There will be no changing rooms available, so please change before pickup time)
*Change of clothes, jackets are recommended since it might get cold on the boat
*Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, beach towel, etc.
(If you bring your camera, you can take pictures of beautiful sceneries and variety of fish during the tour)


*Pick up from and drop off to your hotel
*Lunch (changes daily)
*Soft drinks, water
*Full sets of snorkeling gears (fins, mask, lifejacket)


*Flow of the tour (time and schedule) is just a rough estimate
(Depending on the sea and weather condition of each day, we may change the schedule putting priority on everybody’s safety)
*Please note that the trail to the waterfall may be very slippery and muddy!
*Infants (5 years old and under) and pregnant women are not recommended to participate (for safety reasons)
*Please consult with us if you are traveling with an elderly, and/or guest with disabilities.
*Zip liner and monorail are not included in our tour. We also do not allow the use of zip liner and monorail during our tour for safety reasons. We appreciate your understanding!


Tour Info

Ngarchelong Tour

Duration:About 8 hours
  • Adult$137.00WEB PRICE
  • Child$71.00WEB PRICE
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